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Summer programs

Summer programs

Probitas Foundation began the visits to summer camps to ensure the smooth running of activities

Probitas Foundation has started up its visits to summer camps that are taking place during July and August with the aim of check the inner workings of the houses and all that it implies. This means that Probitas have a look at the catering, at the coordination with social services, at the average attendance of the house and at the work of healthy habits, among other issues.

Specifically, the Foundation puts emphasis on the different areas that affect the correct operation of the summer program. First of all, the attendance of boys and girls in the center is valued, the referrals that this one has of the services and the relation that the center maintains with the families. In the latter case, the center is asked whether if it keeps in touch with families and how they value the activities that their children perform during their stay.

Secondly, it focuses on the activities carried out by the center and in the schedules below. It takes into account, for example, whether the facilities are adequate (have shaded, with water points for the children, etc). In addition, the interest is also on the team of educators with which the summer camp counts. Finally, an evaluation of the programmed activities of the center is carried out. It is contemplated that all the activities promote healthy habits, such as washing hands before meals as well as their teeth once completed and if the summer house includes having a shower in its programme.

On the other hand, the visits carried out by Probitas used to keep track of lunch and other meals offered by the center, as breakfast and/or lunch, for example-, if it establishes healthy dietary guidelines and takes into account specific menus -children who may have allergies, intolerance or for those children who follow a diet marked by their culture or religion-.

In the case of summer camps that take place in August and belong to "L'Agost per tots" Foundation's own program, Probitas follows up more accurate and it seeks compliance with recommendations such as the use of reusable tableware in the dining room, offering at least a couple of meals during the day, for example, or that the house foster cover the children until 17h in the afternoon in order to ensure protected place for children, until parents can come and pick them up.

Probitas Foundation during the two months of summer will make a total of 21 visits to different summer camps of Catalonia. Specifically, there will be a total of 77 entities from 37 Catalan municipalities and with a total of 5,955 beneficiaries. The budget allocated by the Foundation to summer camps is 943,282.93 euros.



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