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Meeting of RAI-Secondary

Meeting of RAI-Secondary "Let's Eat Together!"

The event was held on June 13th at Probitas Foundation headquarters, which has gathered together all the professionals that accompany, support and follow up RAI-Secondary "Let's Eat Together!" beneficiaries.

The event started with the presentation of Probitas General Director, Marta Segú, who introduced the program and thanked the involvement of each one of the institutes, entities and social services that make it possible.

Following her speech, RAI team made a brief but detailed explanation about the evolution of the program highlighting its growth, especially in recent years. Specifically, it has increased from 3 RAI-Secondary in 3 municipalities and 2 entities in 2014-2015 course to 14 RAI-Secondary in 10 municipalities and 12 entities involved in 2017-2018.

The quick evolution of the program has led to the establishment of more specific evaluation criteria that will be used for all entities (always adapted to the needs of each one) and to define common indicators that will serve for evaluating the program throughout the whole year. In this meeting, the importance of conducting a continuous evaluation of young people has been transferred to the organizations, because is one of the factors that determine whether the program works and whether if adolescents participate and in what way they do it. Therefore, it is intended that RAI-Secondary "Let's Eat Together!" becomes a project where boys and girls can acquire healthy habits through socio-educational and sports activities in safe spaces at secondary schools, as well as enjoying a nourishing meal per day.

Once the interventions were completed, dynamic group activities started to allow monitors, educators, psychologists and directors work around five subjects

  1. Networking                                                                                                                                     

  2. Use of mobile devices

  3. Relationships

  4. Resources in towns

  5. Families

All entities participated in the group workshops and some interesting discussions have been generated around the points listed above.

The organizations participating in the meeting were the following ones: AE Itaca , AE Nou Quitxalles, AE Can Palet, Associació Juvenil Esquitx, Casal dels Infants, Centre de Lleure Tu Tries, La Gresca, CIJ Sanfeliu-Ildefons, Centre Obert Rialles, Creu Roja Castellar, Ludo Margarida Bedós and Reir.

All parts involved have valued very positively the event. Not only for the success of participation but also for the opportunity of sharing situations experienced around RAI-Secondary "Let's Eat Together!". 



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