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The summer of the most vulnerable children

The summer of the most vulnerable children

When the school year is over, many children are not guaranteed at least one meal a day with the essential nutrients that children need to grow healthily. Thus, the Probitas Foundation launched - back in 2013 - the RAI-Summer programme to address the situation of the most vulnerable young people during the two months of summer vacation.  Probitas condemns the clear inadequacy of aid provided to guarantee equal access to free time during the months of July and August.

The programme provides assistance to children and young people ages 3 to 17 at the risk of exclusion, with lunches and excursions outside of from the school so that they can enjoy the summer too. The beneficiaries of RAI-Summer programme already exceed 5,900 children across Catalonia, with a forecast for more during the upcoming 2018 academic year.

Two lines of action
Probitas pursues two specific lines of action. Firstly, collaborative programs through which it helps non-profit entities to offer centres to increase the number of beneficiaries, guarantee meals, and carry out other activities, like excursions and summer camps. It also runs its own programmes during the month of August and creates new socio-educational spaces - just for the Foundation - at facilities ceded by municipalities and in collaboration with social entities.

This year RAI-Summer programme will be present in 37 municipalities, organising activities in collaboration with 77 entities. With a total budget of €943,282.93, 5,966 children from Catalonia and Spain will benefit from the programme.




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