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A healthy snack

A healthy snack

During the school year Probitas Foundation organises cooking workshops for children (ages 6-12) and young people (ages 12-16) as part of the RAI-Healthy Habits "¡A merendar!" (Snacktime!) project. The sessions are held throughout the academic year - from October to May - and take place at the different open centres participating in the programme.

All the workshops last an hour and a half, falling somewhere between 5 pm and 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Each workshop is attended by a maximum of 20 beneficiaries from 28 different entities participating in the RAI-Healthy Habits "Snacktime!" programme.

First workshops
In the month of October the first workshops, aimed at children and young people, were held. The main objective was to teach them healthy habits and good food practices, as well as to reflect on the reality of today's snacks (based on industrial pastries loaded with unhealthy sugars and saturated fats).

One objective of these workshops is for children and young people learn to prepare different recipes tailored to their level and, above all, appealing to them. The aim is to increase awareness of healthy habits, including snack time.

The recipes were prepared by calculating amounts of food for 10, and their ingredients were thoroughly specified, with possible substitutes in case there are young people with allergies or food restrictions for religious, cultural or other reasons, as boys and girls from diverse cultures attend.

The recipes
In the case of the workshop for children between 6 and 12 years old, the recipes prepared were a complete fruit skewer, a banana and nut lollipop and "cheese mice". At the workshop aimed at young people ages 12 to 16, they prepared tuna and vegetable pitas, melon and ham skewers, and a quick cheesecake.

The workshop leader in charge of the courses is Mireia Salvador, a social educator with training as a chef. Her work philosophy combines promoting independent work by children and young people, group management, and direct intervention. Her career and experience in cooking courses for immigrants and adolescents in vulnerable situations allows her to communicate efficiently with these specific groups and foster a motivational environment during the workshop.

The feedback on the courses, both by Probitas Foundation and the different beneficiaries that have participated, has been very positive.

In addition to these workshops aimed at children and young people, Probitas Foundation also runs two different types of workshops within the framework of the RAI-Healthy Habits programme. One of them is aimed at families, who participate in the entity's forums for mothers of children ages 0 to 3. The other is aimed at the fathers and mothers of minors who are already participating in activities at the open centres cooperating with the project.

The objective of the workshops is to provide families with tools and knowledge about how to eat a healthy diet. There will be 22 workshops of this kind within the framework of the 50 making up the RAI-Healthy Habits programme this year. All the workshops will take place during the school year and be scheduled both in the mornings and afternoons during the school week. In this case the person overseeing them is Foundation Probitas nutritionist and dietician Elisabet Solà.



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