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10 looks at the future to give visibility to mental health

10 looks at the future to give visibility to mental health

  • From the Probitas Foundation we collaborate with the Grup Som Via to make visible and raise awareness about the importance of mental health.
  • The "10 looks at the future" project was born from the Ments Despertes Program, which prevents and promotes issues related to mental health.

"10 looks at the future" is a participatory action that is born from the contributions and positioning in mental health of the people involved in the Ments Awakening Program of the Grup Som Via.

Through this program, in which the Probitas Foundation collaborates, training is carried out to prevent and promote mental health problems. It is a training and prevention itinerary led by people with a mental health diagnosis and aimed at students from ESO centers, baccalaureate, training cycles and universities.

The objective of Ments Despertes is to promote participation and bring young people closer to the realities of mental illness. In addition, it contributes to the fight against stigma, stereotypes and prejudice.

The initiative "10 looks at the future" provides reflections through ten questions that could assail any of us. The different voices speak to us about concepts such as listening, emotional stability, accompaniment, positioning, awareness and commitment, rights, fears, experiences, prejudices and cooperation.

The vision and experience of people diagnosed with mental health problems, professionals from different fields and students have allowed us to draw up a decalogue that gives us a broad perspective on the panorama of mental health.

The complete decalogue "10 looks at the future" can be consulted by clicking here.

From the Probitas Foundation, through the Health, Innovation and Therapies Program (SIT), we support actions that contribute to the improvement of mental health, as well as its dissemination and prevention. Thanks to projects such as Ments Despertes, we help make mental health problems visible to improve the quality of life of those who suffer from them and the knowledge of their environment.





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