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Probitas Foundation and la Penya renew their commitment to the health of vulnerable minors

Probitas Foundation and la Penya renew their commitment to the health of vulnerable minors

  • The men's first team will continue to wear the Foundation's logo on their shirt in all ACB and Eurocup matches
  • The first women's team, the two FEDAMAR teams and the 52 academy teams of La Penya will also incorporate the logo in their uniform

November the 2nd, 2022.- Probitas Foundation and Club Joventut Badalona renew their collaboration agreement, signed in 2019, with the aim of giving visibility to the foundation, which has been working since 2008 to improve the health of vulnerable minors, both locally and internationally. Thus, the first men's team of la Penya will continue to wear the Probitas Foundation logo in all their matches in ACB league and during its participation in Eurocup. In addition, the first women's team - in the Challenge league -, the two FEDAMAR teams, made up of various abilities, and the 52 basketball academy teams will also wear the foundation's logo on their shirts, spreading the values of commitment, solidarity and equality in all categories.


The work of Probitas Foundation in Spain

Probitas Foundation has specific programs to support minors in vulnerable situations in different places in Spain. Among them, Dinem Junts!'s program stands out, unique in addressing the problem of teenagers in a vulnerable situation in a global way after the implementation of the intensive schedule in public institutes. With Dinem Junts! the foundation seeks to improve the physical and mental well-being and nutrition of teenagers, providing them, in addition to nutritious food, a protective space where they can do sports, acquire healthy habits, do school reinforcement tasks and relate to their equals. This is a clear example of the foundation's network who work together with entities, educational centres and administrations. On the other hand, Probitas Foundation continues to work on the Reinforcement of Child Nutrition (RAI), an initiative with which it provides dining grants.

In 2021, 800 teenagers were part of Dinem Junts! Program thanks to the €556,000 invested by the Probitas Foundation, while RAI reached more than 23,000 children from 196 different schools, with an investment of €1.86 million.


About Probitas Foundation

Probitas Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 that aims to promote the health of the most vulnerable populations locally and internationally. Specifically, in our immediate environment, through the RAI Program, it promotes a healthy development of the most vulnerable children and young people in the physical, mental and emotional aspect. Probitas offers comprehensive support with nutritional, socio-educational, psychosocial and health care resources for minors at social risk. The intervention is carried out from educational & open centres and other social and sporting entities, among others, responding to the needs of minors.



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