Probitas Foundation team

The Probitas Foundation once again supports the 'Journey towards life' project of the Tierra de Hombres Foundation Thanks to the financial support of the Probitas Foundation, since 1995, 737 children with (...)

Educational leisure for 7,800 vulnerable children this summer In August, the alliance with municipalities and local entities allows us to organize our own activities in the absence of other initiatives (...)

School Meals Programme for Lebanese and Syrian Students 33.970697997361626 36.17746353149414 The school meals programme for Lebanese and Syrian primary school students, administered (...)

Maintenance du centre médical de « Per Yiey Chi » à Battambang, Cambodge 13.09573 103.20220549999999 CONTEXTE Le Cambodge est l'un des pays les plus pauvres du monde, il occupe la (...)