In progress

Andahuaylas, Perú

Reinforcement of the community healthcare system for the rural populations of the Turpo district, Andahuaylas – Apurímac, Peru

Rabat, Marruecos

Improving the quality of health care by implementing a computerized triage system in the pediatric emergency unit at the Ibn Sina Hospital Center, Rabat (Morocco), and by the empowerment of mothers of users.

Kirumba. R. D. del Congo

Improving the health of the population of Kasando, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, through enhanced nutrition

Valle del Cauca, Colombia

The strengthening of health sector management in the Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Dakar, Senegal

Contribution to the improvement of juvenile ocular health in disadvantaged districts of the Department of Dakar, Senegal

Departamento de Bolivar, Colombia

Growing together

Bacolod, Filipinas

Improving the health conditions of children in the poorest neighbourhoods of Bacolod, Philippines

Lima, Perú

An effort against social exclusion and its medical-psychosocial consequences in settlements in Lima, Peru

Santa Bárara, Honduras

Health for children and mothers in Patepluma: maternal and child health care in rural villages of Santa Bárbara, Honduras

Rohal, Camboya

Infants del Món Camboya educational project

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Primary care in the Nueva Capital district of Honduras

Mejicanos, El Salvador

Improves access to sexual and reproductive health for women in El Salvador

Guinea Bissau

Access to primary health care services for the most vulnerable population in the peri-urban area of Bissau


The construction and outfitting of the catheter unit at the Mère-Enfant Hospital de Luxemburgo in Bamako, Mali

Richard Toll

Health and nutritional support for the Educational and Sports Centre of the ALVES Association in Richard Toll

Kilombero, Tanzania

Support to nutritional recovery in children district of Kilombero, Tanzania


School nutrition with a focus on local development in Bolivia

Monrovia, Liberia

Stop Obstetric Fistula in West Africa


Improving medical care for mothers and children in Mali

Monkole. República Dominicana del Congo

The improvement of the primary care and hospital care of children and mothers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Cochabamba, Bolivia

The promotion of intercultural institutional delivery within the framework of public policy related to Public Health in two inter-Andean Quechuan municipalities of Bolivia

Meki, Etiopia

Expansion and enhancement of the laboratory of Let Children Have Health Paediatric Clinic in Meki, Ethiopia

Nord de Nicaragua

Mapping, early diagnosis and treatment of leishmaniasis in endemic communities in northern Nicaragua

Distrito de San Ramón, Perú

Using cinchona tree bark as a natural alternative for controlling malaria

Tacuba, El Salvador

Comprehensive preventive healthcare system and accessible treatment for people suffering from NTDs

Cuzco, Perú

Prevention and treatment of cystic echinococcosis in Acopios and Pomacanchi, Peru

Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Prevention and reduction of the incidence of Chagas disease in Bolivia

Rosita, Nicaragua

Reduce the incidence of malaria in Nicaragua

Tegucigalpa, Hondures

Reduce neglected tropical diseases using a community intervention model, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Vaupés, Colombia

Better access to health services in indigenous communities

Kajiado, Kènia

Clean, sustainable water for the Maasai


Suport als laboratoris de referència a Ghana per al control i eliminació de les malalties tropicals desateses

Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

Prevenir la malaria en comunidades rurales del distrito de Meluco, Mozambique

Obout, Camerún

Ending the AIDS epidemic

Maputo, Mozambique

Improving prevention and treatment adherence for HIV-AIDS and malaria in rural communities in southern Mozambique

Alt-Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Reduce the mortality rate of people living with sickle cell anaemia

Pokot, Kenia

Strengthening the clinical infrastructure of Chemolingot Sub-County Hospital in Baringo, Kenya

Departamento de Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Shared management model

Toamasina, Madagascar

Improving the management of sickle cell anaemia in Madagascar

Kasai, Republic of the Congo

Strengthening the community health system in Kasai, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Lomé, Togo

Jade for life



Humanitarian aid to Haiti following the earthquake and later outbreaks of cholera

Barcelona, Spain

Support for the programme Cuida'm: small patients, great causes


Energetic self sufficiency for the Hospital of Mabesseneh (Sierra Leone) and Internet access for on-line capacity-building


Medical and nutritional support for the children's shelter La Pouponnière, Dakar, Senegal


Support for the malnutrition treatment centre in Dowa, Malawi


Follow-up of severe infantile malnutrition in HIV (+) mothers and children in Mekelle, in the region of Trigay (Phase II), Ethiopa

Vinare Sirare

Donation of Medication for the Communually-Managed Pharmacy at the Vinare Sinare Medical Centre


Project to improve the basic care services for the marginalised urban areas of the district of Chiclayo


Installation of Equipment for the Orthopaedic and Anaesthetic Surgical Services at the Clinic-Home of San Juan de Dios in Chiclayo

North Lebanon

Support for a medical care project at vulnerable schools in North Lebanon


Support for the malnourished children programme in Manhiça, with a special focus on HIV+ / AIDS

El Alto

Better access to eye health in El Alto and its rural area of influence


Installation of a healthcare dispensary for the Adengur School, Ethiopia


Support Project for the Mental Health and Occupational Therapy for Ergotherapy Activities in Thiès

San Pedro de Sula

Donation of medication for the Mental Health Centre San Pedro de Sula


Support for the bilateral cross-border plan for improving access to health care, clean water and food security in Haiti


Support for Pet Jei Chi Health Centre in Battambang, Cambodia


Support for the ophthalmic project in the Turkana District


Improving food security and socio-productive development conditions for 1.500 families in Simanjiro, Tanzania


Improving the prognosis and quality of life of the population affected by tuberculosis in rural Angola


Installation of a hybrid photovoltaic system to improve healthcare in the primary healthcare center in Gonfreville (Bouaké-Ivory Coast)


Building a health centre in the locality of Amrahia, Ghana


A co-operative project for ophthalmologic development in Senegal. Gesta


Strengthening mother and baby care in Diaobé-Kabendou, Kolda (Senegal)


Reinforcement of the laboratory of reference and medical analysis to support the program for the fight against sickle cell disease in Madagascar. SOLIMAD


Development of maternal and neonatal health in Woldiya, Ethiopia


Support for palliative care medication, healthcare, functioning and training in Cameroon. Paliativos sin fronteras, Cameroon

Ziga, Burkina Faso

Improvement of the Educational Network of Rural Community Bissiga . Ziga , Burkina Faso. Architects Without Borders. Burkina Faso

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Improvement in the laboratory equipment in Bigerville sur l'Axe in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Unomásuno+. Gambia

Project for the amplification of the health center at Touba Kolong and the construction of a maternity wing. Unomásuno+. Gambia


The shipment of computer material for the educational institute Fe y Alegría. Bank of Resources. Bolivia

Tabarre and Kenscoff, Port-AU-Prince

Sports, Health and Development in Haiti

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Improving maternal and child health in Ethiopia – Life for Africa program. Matres Mundi

Mopti, Mali

The improvement in the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness in the region of Mopti, Mali. Eyes of the world

Richard Toll, Senegal

A medical expedition to Senegal with the aim of carrying out both ocular surgery and eye examinations for the population of Richard Toll. Barraquer Foundation. Senegal

Cochabamba, Bolivia

The improvement of mental health infrastructures for women and children in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia


Reinforcement of the healthcare services in three centers at Quilalí, Matagalpa, and Jinotega. Social Co-operation Nicaragua. Nicaragua


Reinforcement of the medication production laboratory Moh Embarek Medicus Mundi. Saharawi Refugee Camps, Algeria


Strengthening community health in vulnerable communities in Tegucigalpa. Asociación Compartir

Battambang, Camboya

Maintaining the Healthcare Center ‘Pet Yiey Chi' in Battambang, Camboya

Puerto Príncipe, Haití

‘Health and Development' in Kenscoff and Cité Soleil in Puerto Príncipe, Haiti

Sapucai, Paraguay

Improve the quality of life of leprous patients in the ‘Santa Isabel' colony in the municipality of Sapucai, Paraguay

Meki, Etiopía

Reinforcement and amplification of the Pediatric Clinic ‘Let Children Have Health' in Meki (Ethiopia)

Gaza Strip, Palestine

Reducing the functional disability of a vulnerable and affected population through the improvement of access to specialized surgical care in the Gaza Strip, Palestine

Ciyamba, República Democrática de Congo

Improvement of preventive behavior and the quality of medical assistance for women who suffer from obstetric and gynecological problems from the Ciyamba sector in the municipality of Ngandanjika (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Hauts Bassins. Burkina Faso

Access to improved drinking water and basic sanitation as a guarantee to reduce infant morbidity and mortality in rural communities in Houet.

Paises en vias de desarrollo

ophthalmological expeditions to operate patients with cataracts and without resources in disadvantaged areas

Bissau, Guinea Bissau

Health care to patients without resources in the autonomous sector of Bissau

Lesvos and Peloponnese, Grecia

Protection and promotion of the right to health and human the dignity of the refugees and migrants, during their migration process in Greece

Idomeni, Grecia

Nutrition in Northern Greece


Addressing Health Needs in Greece

Bekaa, Líbano

The implementation of activities related to water, sewerage and hygiene in Lebanon


Specialized medical care and hospital emergency care for serious chronic diseases among the refugee population in Lebanon due to the conflict in Syria

Kiongwani, Kenia

Installing a radiology center in the clinic "Maria Salus Infirmorum" in Kiongwani (Kenya)

Uvira, República Democrática del Congo

Development of water points and improvement of sanitation in the highlands located in the territory of Uvira in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)


School Meals Programme for Lebanese and Syrian Students

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Operation Heartbeat


Strengthening the health services for the Palestinian refugee population through improved diagnostic capacity and UNRWA laboratories


The construction of the outpatient clinic in Uvira, The Democratic Congo Republic (DCR). FEPADE

Andra Pradesh, India

Improving the quality of life of people living with infectious diseases especially HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis registered in the Hospital of Infectious Diseases Bathalapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India

Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

Preventing malaria in pregnant women and children aged less than five years in the hamlets of Incucutuco and Incoripo, Mozambique

Baltistán, Pakistán

Promotion of Health and Empowerment of the Women from the Hushe Valley' in the region of Baltistan, Pakistan

Mumbai, India

Outpatient medical and nutritional assistance in association with the ‘Ankur' Children's Home in Mumbai, India

Afar and Somalí Regions

Contribute to the international protection of the refugees in Ethiopia, ensuring access to essential basic services in the camps

Thiès, Senegal

Construction and commissioning of a gas production central and a circuit of oxygen, medical air and vacuum at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital Thies (Senegal)

Zanzan, Costa de Marfil

Installation of systems for the pumping, accumulation and sanitation of drinking water based on renewable energy to improve the quality of life of seven rural communities in Zanzan (Ivory Coast)

Monrovia, Liberia

Prevention and treatment of obstetric fistulas with the Liberian Government (the Ministry of Health and Gender) and the Joseph Catholic Hospital of Monrovia, Liberia

Escuintla, Guatemala

The prevention, diagnosis, and integral care of STs, HIV, and opportunistic diseases in the vulnerable populations of Escuintla, Guatemala

Ruzizi, Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Construction of a nursing school at the Medical School of Sange in Ruzizi

Meki. Etiopia

Paediatric primary care and community health improvement in Meki, Ethiopia

Huancaray, Perú

The improvement of the health services for populations in rural communities in the district of Huancaray, Peru

Guiba, Burkina Faso

The provisioning of the furniture and medical equipment necessary for the property functioning of the new Maternity building in the Guiba health area in Burkina Faso

Rathnapura, Sri Lanka

Improved access to water and sanitation and practices for improved maternal and child nutrition in families on tea plantations in Sri Lanka.

Central America

Improvement in the diagnosis of tuberculosis in human immunodeficiency virus patients in Central America. Ohio University/IDEI


Consolidation and up-scaling of the shared management model for the prevention of Chagas disease in Bolivia

Waspam, Nicaragua

Reinforcement of the Intercultural Healthcare Model in thirteen communities in the Waspam municipality with the AMC in Nicaragua (ARNCC)

Tafí del Valle, Tucuman. Argentina

Water management in a high altitude vulnerable community

Rathnapura, Sri Lanka

Improve access to water and sewerage and also to provide education in habits to improve mother-child nutrition in the families on the tea plantations in the district of Rathnapura, Sri Lanka


Strengthening cutaneous leishmaniasis control in Guatemala

Guainía. Colombia

Improving the prevention, control and elimination of six infectious diseases in the Colombian Amazon


Health protection: access to drinking water and sanitation for Sudanese refugees in Chad

Beni, Bolivia

Access to ocular health for patients without resources in Beni, Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia

The consolidation and implementation of the participatory model for prevention, research and training regarding Chagas disease in Bolivia

Burkina Faso

The construction of six potable water wells in six villages in Burkina Faso

San José de Bocay, Nicaragua

To contribute to the prevention of the main diseases linked to a lack of access to water and sanitation at two rural schools in the municipality of San José de Bocay, Nicaragua

Senegal, Thies y Fatick

The provisioning of computer systems for the improvement of patient management and clinical and pharmacy records at the Dalal Xel de Fatick and Thies health centres in Senegal

Santiago. República Dominicana

The prevention of tropical diseases in impoverished areas of northern Santiago, Dominican Republic

Provincia de Carabaya. Perú

Anaemia NO, in Peru


Improving the laboratory equipment at the Dr. Georges Duez People's Hospital at the Tomas Katari Polytechnic Institute (IPTK) in Sucre, Bolivia