¿FARO, Where is it implemented?

Where is it implemented?

The scholarship recipients who have returned to Senegal are fulfilling their dream of setting up their company:



"DOLCEFRUITI", M.Therèse, Dakar

Production and sale of fresh packaged natural juices

First edition, 2020


"Poultry farm", Mbaye, La Casamance

Construction of a poultry farm and vegetable cultivation in southern Senegal.

First edition, 2020


 "Darou Salam Fruits", Faty, Touba

Sale of native fruits of Senegal, elaboration of jams and jelly beans.

Second edition, 2021


"ZIKROULAH", Moustapha, Touba

Bakery/pastry shop for sale in store

Second edition, 2021


"Fandiack Lodge", Etienne, Kafountine

Tour operator in the south of Senegal.

Second edition, 2022


The third edition has begun in September 2021 with the training process in Barcelona of 6 scholarship recipients.