Que es yakaar

Yakaar, an innovative view at the migration process

Yakaar is its own program initiated in 2019 that aims to improve the development opportunities of vulnerable young Senegalese in Spain and Senegal as well as raise awareness about the difficulties and risks of the migration process.

"Yakaar", hope in the local Wolof language, promotes the return of vulnerable Senegalese people to their country of origin in a safe and dignified manner, guaranteeing their socio-labor inclusion and the acceptance of their family and community.

The program provides an innovative view at the migration process and accompanies Senegalese people in Spain who wish to return voluntarily to their country, after having seen a reality with no future in Europe, so that they can do so and develop an entrepreneurial project there after a period of training in Barcelona. Furthermore, in Senegal, awareness of the risks of the migration process is encouraged among young people.

Yakaar Objectives

  • Train in entrepreneurship and business management for migrants with a high degree of vulnerability who wish to return to Senegal to create their own company.
  • Contribute to their return to Senegal in conditions of dignity and safely, through an entrepreneurship project.
  • Raise awareness among young people and their families about the risks of the migration process.
  • Promote the training and leadership of young people in Senegal.


The Probitas Foundation collaborates with Fundació Servei Solidari, Eduvic, Hahatay and Jokoo, which provides participants with comprehensive and continuous support for more than 2 years through the "training scolarship" in Barcelona and the "entrepreneurship scholarship" in Senegal.