The Probitas Foundation hopes to contribute to the improvement in health care in vulnerable areas for those diseases which, with the currently available resources and knowledge, could be correctly prevented, diagnosed and treated.


Our mission is to use the experience and knowledge of Grifols in order to provide support and capacity-building for local populations and reinforce health systems all over the world, with particular attention to regions lacking resources*.

* The shareholders of Grifols S.A donate 0.7% of the company's anual profits to the Probitas Foundation

Probitas Foundation Values

In order that a social intervention with solidarity has a real impact on the beneficiary population, all sectors of society must be involved. With the aim of mitigating the effects of poverty and social exclusion, thus improving the quality of life on a global scale, the Probitas Foundation is governed by the following principles:

Permanency and sustainability

The projects carried out by the Probitas Foundation, whether directly executed or in collaboration with other entities, have as a their principal proposition, the objective of creating a real impact on the beneficiary population through training and capacity-building of personnel. Working together allows the transfer of management to the local population and an increase in appropriation so that the projects become self-sufficient.


The personnel involved in the Probitas Foundation are highly specialised and qualified in order to carry out their work in the various projects taking place. Both the Foundation's staff and collaborators external to Grifols have the necessary know-how in order to train and promote capacity-building at a local level.

We use internationally accepted quality systems such as the SWOT analysis which help to take decisions relative to pertinence, relevance and priority interventions in a determined context. With respect to the methodology of monitoring and evaluating the quality and impact of the programmes, the Logical Framework Approach is employed: an internationally accepted analytical tool for qualitative follow-up and the efficiency measurement of international co-operative projects.

Efficacy and efficiency

The projects implemented by the Probitas Foundation hope to bring together the strengths of various participants in order to fight jointly against poverty and improve the quality of life worldwide. Within the current context of crisis of resources the avoidance of duplications and the improvement in efficacy of a programme that is pertinent and viable and, at the sae time, highly efficient with respect to cost/benefit is of absolute importance.