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Anaemia no, in Peru

The "Action Against Hunger" project is being implemented in the rural district of Ajoyani, Province of Carabaya, Altiplano Region of Puno, Peru. Its purpose is to contribute to the prevention and sustainable reduction of child malnutrition in this district by improving the living conditions of a total of 529 direct beneficiaries of which 202 are men, 327 women and 177 children under the age of three.  



RAI Secondary School program, Terrassa

Different activities carried out during the year by the beneficiaries of the RAI Secondary School program in Terrassa. 

Strengthening cutaneous leishmaniasis control in Guatemala

As part of its support to the Ministry of Health of Guatemala, WHO will support the national strategic fight against leishmaniasis, through intervention lines like active search for cases, raising awareness at community level and training healthcare personnes in the diagnosis and case management. 

The Head of the World Program for the Control of Leishmaniasis at the WHO headquarters in Geneva Switzerland, Jose Antonio Ruiz Postigo, traveled to the field to follow up the project that since 2016 is implementing activities related to the main intervention lines described above. 

El milagro de poder ver

El vídeo muestra la historia de un niño, ciego de nacimiento, y que ha recuperado la vista gracias a la cirugía practicada durante la campaña que un año más ha contado con la aportación de sueroterápia que Probitas da a la ONG Azul en Acción. 

RAI-berenem junts!

The event is a Probitas Foundation's initiative to promote healthy habits in children



What we do?

The Probitas Foundation's objective is to contribute to improve physical, mental and emotional health, and to offer equal opportunities to people in vulnerability, locally and internationally.

Our action is guided by the values of equality, responsibility, sustainability, quality and excellence.

Thanks to the contribution of 0,7% of Grifols' annual profits, by the company's shareholders, we have managed to implement projects Here and There

Improving the quality of life of people living with infectious diseases especially HIV / AIDS (Fundación Vicente Ferrer, India)

Demonstration for the fight againts AIDS / HIV. A project carried out in Bathalapalli, India, with Probitas Foundation support.


Reinforcement of the laboratory of reference and medical analysis to support the program for the fight against sickle cell disease (Solimad, Madagascar)

Reference center for attention in Depranocytosis in Tamatave that guarantees diagnosis, treatment, care and health education for vulnerable population in the area. The project has the support of Probitas Foundation.


Provide safe access to WASH services at both community and domestic levels for the Sirian refugees (Oxfam, Líban)

Abdoul Raouf is a Syrian refugee who, due to the war, has been forced to move to a refugee camp in Lebanon. Thanks to the help provided by Oxfam, he works as a volunteer plumber in the field. The project is supported by Probitas.



School feeding with a local development focus (World Food Program, Bolivia)

The Probitas Foundation supports a project of the World Food Program that seeks, among other things, to empower women through the preparation of energy bars for the children of the area.



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