The Probitas Foundation was founded with the principal objective of supporting and encouraging health and development projects in the most vulnerable communities on the planet. Through international cooperation interventions the Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of those communities with limited resources by promoting social services and quality healthcare.

The Probitas Foundation, as it deals with a global issue such as health, is aligned with the following basic primary healthcare principles of the World Health Organization: Universal access and healthcare coverage according to needs; Commitment to health equity as a tool for social justice; Participation of the beneficiary community in the definition and application of the national health agendas and, finally, the establishment of multisectoral approaches to healthcare.

In general, the Foundation's main areas of intervention are related to healthcare issues caused by social vulnerability, lack of basic infrastructures, the need for a better training and capacity of local personnel, and the requirement for a gender perspective in healthcare access.

To this effect, the Probitas Foundation, in addition to start up its own projects, allocates part of its budget to sustain projects aimed at improving healthcare access for the most vulnerable populations.

The protection of health, preservation of quality in the training of health workers, assistance for the beneficiary population, sustainable use of the resources generated to carry out self-sufficient and long-lasting projects, promotion of healthcare education, and a better quality of life for all community members are values that have led the Probitas Foundation to award grants for those entities that specifically include such issues in their activities.

The objective of these grants is to provide financial assistance to those projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable communities by increasing and improving the access to healthcare, to an adequate nutrition and food safety and to water and sanitation always with a sustainable use of resources in mind.  That means that the Foundation supports those entities whose main aim is to improve health within the communities in order to reach their development as a community.