How does here and there work?

How does it work?

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive and continuous accompaniment for more than 3 years to migrants through the "Training Scholarship" in Barcelona and the "Entrepreneurship Scholarship" in Senegal that will give them support throughout the process in the following areas:

  • Business training plan
  • Leadership skills
  • Logistical support
  • Technical support
  • Financial support


Phase 1: "Training Scholarship" in Barcelona

A training period of 9 months is carried out in which the scholarship recipients acquired the necessary knowledge to manage a business project and entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Once the knowledge has been acquired and after the approval of the Business Plans by the technical team of the project and the validation of the Probitas Foundation's Board, the second phase of the program in Senegal begins.

Phase 2: " Entrepreneurship Scholarship" in Senegal

In this second phase, the scholarship recipients receive advice on the start-up of the business, emotional support for a good integration into their community, and financing for their business project.

At the level of training, a stay is made in Gandiol  (Senegal) to know in depth the program of integral development of Hahatay  created by Mamadou  Dia, a reference person as a model of successful return to Senegal. In addition to participating in community activities and meetings on the importance of their reintegration into the social and family environment, they share their migration experience with young people to sensitize them to the reality of migration.


Development actions in Senegal

With the entity Hahatay (Gandiol, Senegal) the project "The School of Life" is developed for the training of young people and women in trades identified as dynamic in the area, from an innovative and eminently practical perspective. This project consists of the construction of training spaces, training in trades and leadership.