Our History

2008: created by Grifols S.A., a world leader in the development of plasma-derived medicines and transfusion diagnostic solutions. Grifols shareholders decide to donate 0.7% of their annual profits for the operation of Probitas Foundation. Leveraging Grifols' know-how in the health sector, we focus on improving access to health in the most disadvantaged regions of the world.

2009: We launch the first International Cooperation Projects (PCI) in Haiti, Sierra Leone and at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital.

2010: We launch our first own program, Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI) in Mali, in collaboration with Grifols S.A. employees and other external experts.

2012: We create the Child Nutrition Support (RAI, acronym in Spanish) program, offering grants for dining scholarships in Nursery and Primary.

2013: We expand the RAI program with the incorporation of "Healthy Habits" and "Summer Programs" lines.

2014: The own programs, RAI and GLI, are consolidated, with an increase in beneficiaries and an improvement of the quality of the projects. RAI is also extended with the line "RAI – Afternoon snacks!".

2015: We promote a major expansion of RAI with: RAI – Secondary and RAI – Summer Programs August for All!

2016: We open the first call for International Cooperation Program (PCI, acronym in Spanish) in Health.


  • We align the PCI with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically with number 3: health and well-being. The call specializes in projects related to Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).
  • We start the Health, Innovation and Therapies (SIT, acronym in Spanish) program.
  • We launch the first local call for Social Action and Mental Health projects.
  • We start our strategic alliance with WHO to contribute to the medium-term goal of controlling and reducing Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).


  • We commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Foundation with a celebration and a traveling exhibition that toured all Grifols headquarters in Spain and the United States.
  • We start a new line of action to improve opportunities for migrants with the Yakaar program.
  • The fundraising program is launched to increase our funding in order to reach more beneficiaries


  • We create Twin Families, a fundraising initiative that pairs families with others in vulnerable situations in their environment as a response to the increase in child poverty caused by the health and economic crisis due to the impact of COVID 19.
  • It is 10 years since the start of the GLI program, which already has a network of 29 laboratories in 12 countries.

2021: We launch the third call for International Cooperation Projects focused on NTDs.