Fundación Probitas

Number 13. August - September 2020

UNICEF Belice 2020

When getting quicker test results can save your life in Belize

Functional from August 2020, the lab is part of San Narciso Polyclinic, which provides health services to more than 8,000 people in six villages

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El arte de comprender emociones

The art of understanding emotions

The Probitas Foundation and the Sorapán de Rieros Foundation invite young people to understand the reality of minors with mental illness through art

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Vuelta al cole 2020

A desired but different return to school

It is, on the one hand, a return marked by illusion and hope of a gradual come back to normal schooling but, on the other hand, it is undoubtedly a return marred by a social and economic environment affected by the pandemic.

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Estudi de Vall d'Hebron gossos OK

A study from the Vall d'Hebron Hospital shows that dog-assisted therapy is effective in the treatment of fetal alcohol syndrome

The Probitas Foundation collaborates with CTAC and Vall d'Hebron in the development of therapy with dogs

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fin proyecto INPRHU

A project to combat Chagas, supported by the Probitas Foundation, ends in Nicaragua

The Entomological Surveillance and Vector control program has been strengthened, including basic sanitation in 20 Communities, 80 community health agents have been trained and a campaign for health promotion and education has been implemented that contributes to behavioral changes in the families

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