Yakaar, an innovative perspective on the migration process

Yakaar, an innovative perspective on the migration process

  • The project offers Senegalese migrants in vulnerable situations the possibility of returning to their country of origin to start a business.
  • The scholarships offered guarantee full support, from training in Barcelona to the start-up of their own business project in Senegal.

Fundación Probitas presents the Yakaar project, whose name means "hope" in the local Senegalese language Wolof. The programme takes an innovative approach to the migration process and supports Senegalese people in Spain who wish to return voluntarily to their country, having experienced a reality without a future in Europe, so that they can do so and develop an entrepreneurial project there.

The Yakaar project, which began in 2019 as a pilot test and has just completed its second edition, aims to enable these people to return in a safe and dignified way, guaranteeing their social and labour inclusion and the acceptance of their family and community.

Fundación Probitas' alliance with EDUVIC, Fundació Servei Solidari, Hahatay and Jokoo, provides participants in the programme with comprehensive and continuous support for more than 2 years through the "training grant" in Barcelona and the "entrepreneurship grant" in Senegal. Thus, they have a training plan, psychosocial support, logistical and technical assistance, as well as financial support.

The general director of Fundación Probitas, Dr. Anna Veiga, says that "Yakaar is a pioneering programme, a totally different initiative to address the reality of many Senegalese migrants in Spain. We are very proud to be able to contribute to improving opportunities for a group that is in a particularly vulnerable situation. It is really exciting to see how they return to their country to start a business and become a reference for their community".

Mbaye, 27 years old and a member of the first edition of the Yakaar scholarships, returned to Senegal last summer and is currently running the Project he decided to start, a chicken farm. Mbaye settled in Ziguinchor, his hometown, from where he assures that "it is not an easy process, but I am very happy to have taken this step to be able to start a business in my country and, above all, to help my family and make them feel proud of me".


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