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The Probitas Foundation launches the

The Probitas Foundation launches the "Twin Families" campaign. Collaborate through the link:




The COVID–19 pandemic is generating a strong economic and social impact that affects, above all, the most vulnerable families who, due to the standstill of much of the economic activity, have seen a decrease in their income and, consequently, their ability to to face the most basic expenses, among which is food.

In order to help alleviate this problem, the Probitas Foundation launches the TWIN FAMILIES campaign, which consists of twinning families that have not been affected by the current socioeconomic crisis, with families at social risk, to facilitate access to a healthy daily meal to their children.

This project is an opportunity to involve families committed to the children´s and youth health in our closest environment.


Why is a school canteen so important to a child?

  • A healthy meal a day is guaranteed.
  • A protective environment is provided for minors at social risk.
  • Physical activities and school reinforcement are carried out.
  • The acquisition of healthy habits and health education is generated: personal hygiene, healthy eating, physical activities, emotional well-being and rest.
  • A comprehensive vision of health is promoted. 


With the daily contribution of € 1, € 3 or € 5, children from vulnerable families will have access to a healthy daily meal in an inclusive socio-educational environment.


Participate through the website:


For any questions you can contact the following email:




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