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The Probitas Foundation and the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu expand their collaboration which started in 2010

The Probitas Foundation and the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu expand their collaboration which started in 2010

The new agreement, signed between the Probitas Foundation and the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu of Barcelona, is aimed at expanding the partnership which was established in 2010.  In Sierra Leone two new programs have been set up in addition to the Cuida'm Program and the Hospital Saint John of God partnership. One is a new project to provide support to the Palliative Care Unit for terminally or seriously ill children, and another one to help disadvantaged families through the Social Work Services of the hospital. 

For the last six years the Probitas Foundation has been the principal donor for the Cuida'm program of the Hospital Saint John of God. Thanks to this sustained support that has been growing from 8 to 12 cases in recent years, 76 children without resources from more than 10 different countries have been operated on for pathologies considered to be highly complex and whose treatment is not possible in the patients' countries of origin. The work continues in 2017 and 12 new cases have been accepted.  

In addition, and within the area of international cooperation, since 2010 Probitas has been working closely in the partnership program between the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona and the Hospital Saint John of God de Mabesseneh, Sierra Leone. In the Mabesseneh Hospital the Foundation is currently carrying out its own GLI (Global Laboratory Initiative) program which provides support to 16 laboratories located in health centers and hospitals in 9 countries considered to be among the most vulnerable in the world.

From 2010 the Mabesseneh Hospital has received aid from the Foundation through the reinforcing and improvement of infrastructures, including the installation of renewable energy and ecological systems, to create a "green" and self-sustainable hospital. The GLI program began in 2013 with the supplying of laboratory equipment and the training of healthcare personnel through courses (microbiology, parasitology, analysis of results, and laboratory management) and other initiatives. 

In 2017, collaboration with the Hospital Saint John of God will be expanded to include a Pediatric Palliative Care Unit. This unit will permit the multi-disciplinary team of professionals to reach more children and young people suffering from terminal or serious illnesses and, at the same time, help their families, giving them support in managing such a difficult time in their lives. At present, in the public health service there is palliative care for adults but not for children. The complex emotional situation that these families have to undergo when they have a terminally or seriously ill child is exacerbated by healthcare expenses not covered by the public administration and which they cannot afford to pay. For this reason, the Probitas Foundation would like to commit itself to providing support for the continuity of such a sensitive and necessary project in the hope that it will be shortly taken over by the public administration. 

Within the framework of the RAI-Health Program of one-off aid measures for vulnerable families, Probitas is collaborating directly with the Social Work Services in order to identify minors with crucial needs that affect their physical, psychological and emotional development and which are neither covered by the public health system nor affordable for their families. 



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