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Support for the programme Cuida'm: small patients, great causes

In 2012, the Probitas Foundation became one of the main partners in the Cuida'm Programme, along with the Hospital San Joan de Déu in Barcelona, the Sant Joan de Déu Charity, and the company DKV Seguros, the organisations that launched this initiative in 2004. Since 2010, the number of cases funded each year through this programme has gradually increased. Its aim is to provide healthcare to children in disadvantaged countries without financial resources, so that they can receive highly-complex medical treatments that would be difficult to perform in their countries of origin.

The Cuida'm programme takes charge of the entire process, from seeking funding –the step in which the Probitas Foundation participates– to evaluating the cases received, handling administrative paperwork and the actual treatment. It also covers the needs of the patient and an escort, usually the minor's mother or father, from the time they leave their country, including accommodation in Barcelona, and until they are flown back to their country.

Of the 19 cases that Cuida'm treated at this Barcelona hospital in 2012, twelve were financed by Probitas, representing 60% of the total. In 2011, of 14 children, the Foundation financially supported nine (64.2%).

Since it was started up, the Cuida'm programme has received some 618 requests and has treated 182 cases.


Age: 7

Country: Morocco

Pathology: Cardiopathology


Age: 5

Country: Paraguay

Pathology: Hypospadia


Age: 12

Country: Senegal

Pathology: Imperforate anus


Age: 3

Country: Ecuador

Pathology: Gastro-oesophagealreflux


Age: 15

Country: Malí

Pathology: Osteomyelitis

Jose Leandro

Age: 11

Country: Bolivia

Pathology: Urethral rupture



Country: Bolivia

Pathology: Artrogriposis



Country: Gaza (Palestina)

Pathology: Marfan Syndrome


Age: 2

Country: Ethiopia

Pathology: Cardiopathology


Age: 10

Country: Moroccoss

Pathology: Esophagealstrics


Age: 2

Country: Nicaragua

Pathology: Cardiopathology


Age: 3

Country: Sudan

Pathology: Cardiopathology