Fundación Probitas, committed to humanitarian assistance

Fundación Probitas, committed to humanitarian assistance

This August 19th, World Humanitarian Day, Fundación Probitas thanks all the health and education professionals, school canteen staff, social educators and volunteers in the field who, with their dedication, talent, effort and enthusiasm, have contributed to strengthening its aid programmes for vulnerable groups, even at the most difficult times, such as the Covid-19 health emergency.

The commemoration of this day comes at a time when the world is continuing its fight against the pandemic, and for this reason the foundation wishes to highlight the additional obstacles faced by these professionals. Fundación Probitas, aware of the importance of having these real-life heroes and heroines, pays tribute to the humanitarian workers who have dedicated their efforts to combating and preventing new Covid-19 infections and who have contributed to the well-being of those most in need in this health, social and economic crisis.

Despite the fact that the effects of the pandemic remain present in people's daily lives, Fundación Probitas has continued to provide support to the most vulnerable groups, increasing its efforts to reach as many people as possible at a time when child poverty in Spain has increased considerably. It has been a great challenge that the foundation has been able to meet thanks to a system developed over the last 11 years, based on networking and direct contact with social services and local organisations, which have first-hand knowledge of the different personal stories and the places where it implements its programmes.

Among all these projects, the RAI ESO "Let's eat together" initiative stands out, a pioneering programme promoted by Fundación Probitas in 2018 that offers a socio-educational resource for secondary school students in vulnerable situations. At the end of school hours, socio-educational, sports and school reinforcement activities are carried out in a protected space and a balanced meal is provided. In this way, the integration and sense of inclusion of young people in their school environment is also promoted. This initiative is currently present in 12 municipalities in the provinces of Barcelona and Girona, covering more than 900 adolescents in 18 centres. Thanks precisely to the foundation's networking system, this project has been active since the first day of home confinement in March 2020.

Raúl García, director of the Centre Obert Rialles (Obra social Maristes Catalunya) with whom the foundation collaborates in the management of two groups of RAI ESO in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), stresses that coordinated and immediate action has been key to ensuring assistance at all times. "This stage has allowed us to strengthen the bond with the adolescents, which is essential for them to feel integrated and receptive, and also with their families. The confinement was hard for everyone, but it especially affected the mental health of adolescents who live in very precarious situations and had neither the space nor the technological means necessary to follow classes or keep themselves busy," he adds. Raúl remarks that, for most of them, continuing to count on the support of RAI ESO during these months has been "essential to maintain hope in their future project".


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