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International Women's Day: we promote gender equality and the empowerment of women

International Women's Day: we promote gender equality and the empowerment of women

  • We collaborate with programs that promote the inclusion and empowerment of women around the world.
  • Training and income-generating activities are essential to promote the independence of women in developing countries.

At Probitas Foundation we work in favor of gender equality today, March 8th International Women's Day, and every day of the year. We believe in claiming the importance of the role of women in vulnerable communities and in fighting for gender equality.

The objective of our local and international programs is to offer a decent future to girls and women, promoting their empowerment, eliminating discrimination and achieving their full participation in the development and social transformation of their communities.

To do this, we carry out different kinds of initiatives that include:

  • Activities aimed at reducing the impact of diseases.
  • Defense of the rights of girls and women.
  • Training in aspects related to health and healthy habits.
  • Projects to develop income-generating activities.


In many of the vulnerable communities where we work, women are financially dependent on men. Training is essential for girls and women in developing countries to have access to a job or carry out activities that generate income. Economic independence empowers women, gives them freedom and allows them to progress in their communities.

At Probitas Foundation we want to contribute to this empowerment of women by offering programs that improve their situation and quality of life and disseminating new initiatives that generate better opportunities for them.

Among these projects, we highlight this year the training that we developed in Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic. In areas such as Yerba Buena or Morquecho, and in collaboration with Save The Children, we run courses where women are trained to work as health promoters.

"There are many people who need to be explained how they should take care of themselves and their sons or daughters. Also, what measures should be taken in case of aggression and how to protect minors", tells us Paula Peña, Health Promoter in Yerba Buena.

In these vulnerable communities, many women do not attend meetings or talks, so the promoters come to their homes to help them improve their quality of life. "We take the necessary guidelines to the families," confirms Yokasta García, also a Health Promoter in Yerba Buena.

Esmerlin Valdez, 19 years old, has completed the Health Promoter course and now offers advice to women in her community, Morquecho. "By participating in the Health Promoter course, we can help more people," Esmerlin tells us. Its objective is to make the population aware of the importance of being healthy and, especially in pregnant women, to provide them with tools to know how their pregnancy is going, what routines they should follow or where to go at the time of delivery. She also offers information on other diseases such as those caused by parasites or sexually transmitted diseases.

Thanks to the training and work of these women, their communities have greater support in terms of health and can improve their quality of life.



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