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Development of water points and improvement of sanitation in the highlands located in the territory of Uvira in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

IJED, in collaboration with the Probitas Foundation, is carrying out a project to develop water points and improve sanitation in the highlands located in the territory of Uvira in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The main aim is to improve the socio-medical conditions in the territory as most of the population lack access to sewerage networks and the water they use is contaminated.

The wars that have ravaged east DCR, and the fragility of the current public administration, signify that the population finds itself in a state of permanent vulnerability. The Uvira highlands are difficult to access which makes them attractive to armed groups who concentrate in these areas. This situation of, on one hand, being cut-off from any socio-economic development and, on the other hand, proximity to armed violence, hinders the access of material to the settlements of the zone. All of which has provoked a serious social problem which worsens even more the vulnerability of health of the Uvira population.     
In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, around 97% of the population has no access to adequate sewerage and there are hardly any fountains for drinking water. Most of the water used for domestic and health needs is disposed of in insalubrious conditions. This leads to the contamination of the water fountains and rivers, and favors the proliferation of insects and microbes that are vectors of diseases transmitted by water (cholera, typhus and the like).
One of the objectives of the project is to educate and make these communities aware of issues such as the origin of water-transmitted diseases and good hygienic practice to improve their socio-medical conditions. To obtain these results, drinking water points will be set up and latrines constructed for the isolated communities.
Ten communities (Muramvya, Masangu, Murambi, kitembe, Bibangwa, Kiryama, Mashuba, Kyamafuno, Kiziba, Kanogo) will benefit from the project, they are all located in the highlands of the Uvira territory in the DRC.